P1010869.JPG My name is Kelly Adrian and I went to the Univeristy of Minnesota Duluth- Go Bulldogs! I student taught at Richard Green Central in South Minneapolis and got my first teaching job there teaching 3rd grade. I have now been teaching 1st grade for the past 3 years at Chatfield Elementary in Belle Plaine, MN. My learning teammates are Christa Ranweiler and Abby Volek, with whom I teach 1st grade with. We are so lucky to be taking these courses together! I recently got married and am living in NE Minneapolis with my husband and we are enjoying the city and the summer sunshine!

After completing the technology quiz, I quickly realized that I have a lot to learn about technology. I scored smack-dab in the middle with being considered Intermediate, but I would love to feel more comfortbale with technology in my classroom on an everyday basis. Yes, I think the Intermediate level matches my abiliites because I began college at a basic level, but since then, I have learned so many new things that have enhanced my teaching. I am nowhere near the advanced level yet because I need more professional development in the area of technology. I have built more confidence in my tech skills, but I am still quick to ask others how to do something when I cannot figure something out. There are a few pieces of technology that I feel comfortbale with, including my classroom SmartBoard, Ipods and Ipads, my smart phone, and email. I share my knowledge with my colleagues if I feel that I am proficient in an area, but sometimes I second-guess myelef at my abilities too.

I would really like to learn more about setting up a more useful classroom website for parents to interact with me and share their questions, comments, and concerns about thier child's educational experience. I think it would be great to enahnce communication with families and offer online resources to them to use at home. I also look forawrd to video taping and voice recording more in my classroom. I think it would be highly beneficial for my students to watch and/or listen to themsleves read, in order to improve thier fluency and comprehension. I am interested in finding new educational apps for Ipads because our school will be getting new Ipads this school year.